Los Angeles Personal Injury & Business Attorney

At RK LAW GROUP our attorneys provide sophisticated, yet practical advice and counsel on a wide range of issues. We combine our extensive legal experience with our knowledge of today's fast-changing economic environment and technologically advanced business practices to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. We also hold fast to the belief that our clients are best served by the collective resources of the firm, not any one individual. We take great pride in our ability to assemble the most effective and efficient combination of people for the job; people who will cooperate to produce real results for our clients.

We at RK LAW GROUP are trial attorneys first. As trial attorneys, we recognize the importance of preparation and presentation. Our lawyers also know the benefit of avoiding trial when reasonable alternatives exist. Each attorney at our firm understands that being willing to stand on principle in a court of law often leads to better negotiation and settlement for our clients. We know the importance of drafting documents that will prevent future litigation rather than encourage future litigation. Our lawyers and staff stand ready and willing to go to trial not as a last resort but as a viable option for resolution.