About The Firm

At RK LAW GROUP, our attorneys handle complex legal issues for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our clients have greatly benefited from our experience, determination, and knowledge of the law. Whether your legal matter is a modest claim or a "big paper" case involving complex issues, we handle it with a single-minded determination to place your interest first and to see the case through to a successful resolution. RK LAW GROUP has assisted clients succeed with an array of legal counsel, advice and networking. As good business partners, we understand that delivering value well beyond the expected helps our clients achieve extraordinary things.

The only result that we will accept is the one that our clients expect us to deliver.

To meet those expectations, RK LAW GROUP will always:

  • Provide professional, competent and effective legal service that will fulfill our clients' requirements and achieve the desired goal or outcome at a fair and reasonable cost;
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards of the legal profession;
  • Develop and hold dear the relationships that the firm has established with its clients and foster trust and confidence;
  • Encourage cooperation, collaboration and support between the different practice areas in the Firm for the benefit of our clients;
  • Recognize and respond swiftly and strongly to any threat that could be detrimental to our clients;
  • Advance the interests of the legal profession both within the Firm and outside in the public view;
  • Guarantee a minimum of two attorneys at every trial.